… bike

We’re happy to provide you with bicycles, they may be a bit old but you can ride them properly.

We habe to point out that you use the bikes at your own risk.
We are not responsible for any accidents or theft.
Therefore, please check the bikes before use (brakes, seat height, etc.)

If you have any problem with your own bikes we can help you find a repairman.

Just behind the house passes the cycle path. It goes from the Rhine all the way to Lembach or even to Strasbourg

À vélo rund um Haguenau

Chapelle Saint-Arbogast / Gros Chêne

mit dem Rad im Rheinpark

Pamina Radtouren

PAMINA ist ein Akronym, das sich aus Palatinat (Pfalz), Mittlerer Oberrhein und Nord Alsace (Nordelsass) zusammensetzt